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The Platform

Our platform is the workhorse that drives our data science insights. Fully scalable and leveraging SQL and Python, it includes a fully distributed set of analytical capabilities that help accelerate the development of models.

Data Science

Our data science team can translate your marketing questions into numerical models that drive significant ROI and help understand how your customers respond to your brand proposition.

Your Big Questions Answered

Sit down with us for a focusing session and understand why our clients love to brainstorm with us. Across any industry, we help your team narrow down the discussion and prioritize testable and actionable analytical requests.

Leveraging our proprietary analytics platform, our Data Science team is able to construct a sustainable analytics framework for making decisions across the business, even in the face of time and processing constraints. Our approach to analytics allows us to help our clients develop more robust customer segments, mine for undiscovered product relationships and maintain models that forecast future performance.


HUGEdata clients are faced with some of the toughest decisions that will influence their business through time. We help clients hold on to competitive advantages and maintain operational integrity through building data driven decision making frameworks that support key business initiatives and produce actionable outcomes.
Building models and frameworks is half the battle. Implementing a sustainable analytics process is the end goal of any growing organization. Once analysis is complete and findings are published, repeatable routines are built to score, classify and otherwise leverage new data to keep segments, product recommendations and behavioral models up to date. HUGEdata clients benefit from a scalable database and easy-to-maintain algorithms. Even as data size grows, the analytics process remains uninterrupted.
The best kind of service teams set their clients up for success long after the engagement ends. Not only do we mine data for value and set up repeatable processes, we also evangelize the findings within your organization and educate team members on what analysis we used, how we implemented it and how to maintain the analysis moving forward. As a result, our clients leverage data science findings and move forward thinking about their business differently .

We love working with our clients in any environment — however, some of our greatest success stories have come when our clients are :

•    under real pressure from senior leadership to drive increased ROI from business initiatives and stop landslide loss of customer engagement
•    believe that their data masks valuable insights that will help upend lackluster performance and provide clarity of vision to their teams
•    constrained by existing business demands and team bandwidth, making the pursuit highly effective initiatives nearly impossible

If you find yourself in this situation, let’s chat. Our data science services coupled with our proprietary, high speed analytics platform allow us to drastically reduce the time it takes to design and implement data driven solutions, all at a cost that will drive positive ROI.


Our platform  is a cost effective, high-speed, high-capacity analytic database utilizing its own massively parallel processing architecture.  With it’s scale out architecture, we can analyze enormous amounts of data from any source in seconds instead of minutes and hours. We’ve worked with  billions of rows of unstructured click stream data and billions of rows of transactional history to train massively parallel models that capture all facets of customer behavior.


Interested in using our platform to explore your data on your own? No problem. Our design goal of using existing tools and languages (SQL and Python) already in place at most companies reduces the learning curve and drives faster implementation times — all at a lower total cost of ownership.

HUGEdata Team
We are a team who likes to build tools that break down information barriers. Our founders previously launched 10k Wizard, the Internet’s first integrated and fully searchable platform for SEC data. Building on our experience with big data, we built the HUGEdata platform with the vision of providing a scalable analytics database affordable to companies of all sizes. Storing and processing data is half the battle — real value and information is derived by translating business requests into analytical models. Since our inception, we’ve added on a team of Data Scientists who leverage our platform to provide cost effective solutions to analytical business problems. At the end of the day, we want to change the way you think about your customer data and put the power of scalable data science within reach and within budget. That way, you can augment your business expertise without spending millions on consulting and IT. Martin Zacarias, CEO Kee Kimbrell, Chief Technology Officer Paul Ingram, Principal Data Scientist Raul Peralta, Chief Information Officer Mike Trenfield, Data Scientist Paul Park, Chief Strategy Officer  

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