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HUGEdata Lightning

Our Rapid Customer Insights Solution is based on years of experience in diversified consumer goods and services.

Whether your organization is in the early stages of data collection, or is an advanced integrator of multiple data sources, our proven suite of HUGEdata Lightning product offerings is customized to your needs. We combine proprietary algorithms with a high speed data blending engine to provide meaningful customer insights that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing strategies and programs. Every step of the way, our expert data scientists work closely with your team to ensure our work is aligned with your business priorities.


Do you have customer data from a variety of sources that hasn’t yet been integrated or enriched?
Our UNIFY Platform aggregates and enriches your data with external datasets, making it ready to support customer insight initiatives.

Do you already have easily accessible customer data, but you’d like to identify opportunity areas, and to benefit from the efficiencies of a targeted approach?
Our DISCOVER Technology provides customer segmentations, behavioral and demographic profiles and assessments of customer lifetime value.


Do you already have a target segmentation study, but would benefit from understanding how to become more effective at influencing customer behavior? 
Our ENGAGE Algorithms determine key business drivers that directly influence customer behavior.


Do you need assistance determining your most relevant 1-1 content and the most effective marketing mix by vehicle?
Our Optimize Suite Content Recommendation and  Media Mix Modeling Algorithms provide insights on effective customer communications and media mix selection.


Our Advantages:

  • Clear and relevant deliverables
  • Deep Marketing and customer understanding
  • Relevant industry experience
  • Tremendous data processing capacity
  • Fast turnaround times


We love working with our clients in any environment — however, some of our greatest success stories have come when our clients are :

•    under real pressure from senior leadership to drive increased ROI from business initiatives and stop landslide loss of customer engagement
•    believe that their data masks valuable insights that will help upend lackluster performance and provide clarity of vision to their teams
•    constrained by existing business demands and team bandwidth, making the pursuit highly effective initiatives nearly impossible

If you find yourself in this situation, let’s chat. Our data science services coupled with our proprietary, high speed analytics platform allow us to drastically reduce the time it takes to design and implement data driven solutions, all at a cost that will drive positive ROI.


The HUGEdata team has extensive experience in understanding and solving difficult marketing challenges with data. For our clients, we’ve made positive and measurable differences in marketing ROI and strategy by providing clear and easy to understand findings derived from complex studies of customer behavior.

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